The Matchup Zone

2013-2014 Team Projections

Team projections are built on the lineups you see below. If you see a player listed who shouldn't be there, or if there's a player missing who should be included, please let me know.

TAPE Ratings show how a team would perform on a neutral site against an average BCS conference team.

217Loyola (IL)MVC3.9962.91(205)73.33(229)62.42(321)0%0%0%

Player Per-Game Projections

Projected per-game averages, normalized to average D1 opponent.

Christian ThomasJRPF30.
Matt O'LearySOSF29.
Jeff WhiteSOSG27.
Devon TurkSOWing24.
Joe CrismanJRWing22.
Milton DoyleFR+SG17.
Jordan PickettFRPG15.
Cody JohnsonSOPF11.
Nick OsborneSOPF9.
Jeremy KingFR+Big6.
London DokuboJRCombo2.
Tony NixonSR+SF1.
Loyola (IL) TEAM200.021.453.35.917.610.815.810.120.730.812.612.45.42.418.159.5
Loyola (IL) OPPONENTS200.024.852.45.916.013.819.810.524.635.113.711.66.35.416.169.4