The Matchup Zone

2019-2020 Team Projections

Team projections are built on the lineups you see below. If you see a player listed who shouldn't be there, or if there's a player missing who should be included, please let me know.

TAPE Ratings show how a team would perform on a neutral site against an average BCS conference team.

5North CarolinaACC14.4773.78(9)64.54(4)72.93(20)98%88%26%

Player Per-Game Projections

Projected per-game averages, normalized to average D1 opponent.

Justin PierceSRSF28.
Christian KeelingSRWing25.75.411.
Garrison BrooksJRPF23.
Cole AnthonyFRCG22.
Brandon RobinsonSRWing18.
Rechon BlackSOWing17.
Armando BacotFRC15.
Brandon HuffmanJRBig13.
Anthony HarrisFRCG12.
Jeremiah FrancisFRPG10.
Sterling ManleyJRBig9.
Andrew PlatekJRWing4.
North Carolina TEAM200.030.766.36.919.713.318.214.830.144.918.
North Carolina OPPONENTS200.025.762.68.024.311.816.611.426.337.712.914.